It takes A Mindful Village to raise our children with:

Clear Minds
Calm Emotions
Compassionate Actions
I believe we need A Mindful Village right about now.

See, life has gotten too complicated.  Stressful.  Tiring.

Our children struggle with information overload and emotional overwhelm on a daily basis.

So do we - their crazy-busy parents and teachers.

Modern pressures cause too many stress-related breakdowns in our children's lives.

Stress levels have become toxic - contributing to an epidemic of child and teen difficulties, including:

Attention and Executive Function Deficits
Anxiety and Depression
Anger and Aggression

As a clinical psychologist, I'm committed to helping you find effective, mindfulness-based solutions for these childhood problems.

As a mindfulness teacher, I'm committed to offering the training you and your children need to reduce stress and enhance emotional well-being.

As a father of four, I'm committed to seeing that every child has a chance to grow up in a community that is safe, healthy, happy, and harmonious.

That's why I'm on a mission to help restore sanity to humanity - one child at a time.

I hope you'll join me in building a community of conscious caregivers for our kids.

Let's grow A Mindful Village together.


Dr. Peter Montminy

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