When your child
or teen is struggling,
I’m here to help.

We’ll work together to overcome
difficulties at home or school.

We’ll find mindful solutions
to life’s stressful problems.

We’ll restore a sense of clarity,
calm, and loving connection.

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A Shared Mission

My clinical practice is dedicated to restoring sanity
to humanity, one child at a time.

How do we do that?

You know it takes a village to raise a child.

Yet it takes a mindful village of parents and professionals coming together to raise our children with clear minds, calm emotions, and compassionate actions.

The sanity we’re seeking to restore is simply that:

Being more clear, calm, and kind with one another.

My Approach

I’m a long-time child psychologist, mindfulness instructor, and dad. I’ve seen so many kids suffer, and it breaks my heart. Every. Damn. Time.

Maybe you know these kids…

Overwhelmed with the stressful demands of a toxic world.  Struggling to focus their attention, to calm their intense emotions, to control their impulses. Blowing up or melting down. Sometimes giving up and shutting down.

It’s no way for a child to live.

That’s why I developed the Mindful Solutions Approach™- a holistic approach to healing our kids and ourselves. I’ll teach you and your child how to cultivate these three core components of mental health:

• AWARENESS – Seeing clearly what is.

• ACCEPTANCE – Making peace with what is.

• ALIGNED ACTION – Responding wisely to what is.

If that sounds useful (and I hope it does!),
please continue below to see what I can do for you.

My Specialties

Stress and Anxiety

Chronic and traumatic stressors are taking their toll on our children’s brains. Your child maybe struggling with stress at home school, or online. I’m trained in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) to help you and your kids overcome overwhelm.

Executive Functions

Kids with neurodiverse brains, including ADHD and Autism, can benefit from EF coaching that is attuned to their struggles. Kids (parents & teachers, too!) will learn how to improve their attention, organization, selfawareness & self-regulation skills.

Difficult Emotions

Is your child or teen tired of feeling like they’re on an emotional roller-coaster? Are you tired of the blow-ups and meltdowns too? We’ll use mindfulness and compassion practices to help manage their anxiety, anger, and depression.

Behavior Problems

Having trouble getting your child to follow rules, do homework, get up for school, go to bed, unplug from digital devices, or “play nice” at home or school? I understand. And we can change all that. You can change all that! Our Mindful Solutions will help.

Programs to Help You...


Frustrated and confused about your child’s difficulties? These Online Courses teach you the “What, Why & How” of common childhood problems – and their mindful solutions.

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What you focus on, grows.” And what you practice, grows stronger. Come grow and practice with us in these Live Classes - for parents, teachers, and students.

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When self-help & self-care are not enough, you may want more professional help. I offer Private Consultations (assessment & treatment) on a time-limited basis.

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