September 8th (9:00 – 10:30 am)

With Dr. Peter Montminy


There is so much hostility, even hatred, spewing forth in the world today. Underlying that anger is fear. Underlying that fear is toxic stress. Too many of us are in a state of overload and overwhelm. Our nervous systems are in high-alert “fight or flight” mode way too often. And our children are suffering because of it.

There is a different way of being in the world – one we can live daily and can teach our children. We don’t have to be constantly rushing and reacting. We don’t have to be constantly doubting ourselves, defending ourselves, or blaming others. We don’t have to be constantly trying to catch up or trying to be (good, smart, funny, wealthy, popular, worthy, or right) enough.

We can pause, reflect, and respond more kindly and thoughtfully to one another. We can become more present, more attentive, and more compassionate. We can be the role models for our children we wish to be. And in doing so, we can teach them how to pay attention with care, how to regulate their angry or anxious emotions, and how to respond more cooperatively, rather than combatively.

We can, in the words of Gandhi, be the change we want to see in the world.


All it takes is practice.


Come learn how you can help restore sanity to humanity, one child at a time –

with this introduction to mindfulness practices

for parents, teachers, counselors, childcare providers, healthcare providers,

and all community members who care about kids.


Come learn how you can be part of a mindful village – one where we raise our children with clear minds, calm emotions, and compassionate actions. Not anger and fear.

Participants will learn how to:
  • Recognize the signs of toxic stress in our children and ourselves
  • Relieve stress with beginning mindfulness practices
  • Relax the Body
  • Refocus the Mind
  • Respond with Kindness, Not React with Anger or Anxiety


This FREE Class is being offered at A Mindful Village

In the Heritage Run Office Center, 3941 S. Atherton St., Suite C, State College, PA

Seating Limited.  Register Today!