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Initial Consultation & Assessment

The Initial Consultation & Diagnostic Assessment


When your school-age child (K-12) is struggling, and you're not sure what's going on, begin here.

In fact, to access any private consultation services with Dr. Montminy, you need to begin here.

Perhaps your student has trouble getting through their daily routines easily.  Perhaps they're distracted and disorganized a lot of the time.

Perhaps they struggle with stress and anxiety - performance anxieties, social anxieties, separation anxieties.  Maybe they worry about not being good enough or about feeling safe or accepted or successful enough.

Perhaps they struggle with frustration tolerance and angry reactions, sad or depressive moods, intrusive and negative thoughts.

Perhaps they have difficulty controlling their impulses and making thoughtful choices. Maybe they blow-up, melt-down, or shut-down a lot. Maybe you all are arguing or avoiding one another more than you'd like.

Our Initial Consultation & Assessment is designed to help you understand What is going on with your child, Why they're behaving that way, and How to make it better.




Why bother going through this process?  Why come here?

See if you check any of these boxes:

  • I 'm concerned that my child isn't doing well at home or school.
  • I'm concerned that my child isn't happy - they're often anxious, angry, or depressed.
  • I'm not sure what's going on - "Why are they behaving this way?"
  • I'm wondering "Is this normal, just a phase, or something more serious?"
  • I want to know if they have a diagnosable mental health condition.
  • I need to know what we can do about it.  What will help?!

Our Initial Consultation & Assessment helps you get answers to these fundamental questions, and more.

We'll assess your child's psychological strengths and needs.  We'll look at how well they're doing at home, school, and elsewhere.

And we'll discuss the results in a way that helps you make sense of your child's struggles, while offering hope for how they can "get along better and be happier."



In order to understand how best to help your child, we first need to conduct a thorough assessment.

So, fasten your seatbelts, your Initial Consultation includes 5 parts:

  1. Pre-Intake Questionnaires
  2. Intake Interview with Parent(s) and Child
  3. Post-Intake Questionnaires
  4. Collateral Consultations, as needed
  5. Feedback and Recommendations

Step 1: Assessment Questionnaires (Pre-Intake)

When you register below, you'll complete a Screening Questionnaire with basic information.

Shortly after registering, you'll receive email instructions with a few additional forms to complete right away.

These questionnaires are an integral part of the assessment.  They help both you and me really think about what you've been dealing with, and what you're hoping to get out of this process.  I will review them thoroughly before we meet.

Therefore, these forms must be completed and submitted at least 24 hours BEFORE your Intake Appointment - or the appointment may be cancelled.

Step 2: Intake Interview

The Initial Consultation appointment is also known as an Intake Interview.

Both you and your child will attend this appointment, which is held in-person at my office.   The Intake typically lasts 1.5 hours - starting with everyone together, then some time with the parent(s), then the child, then concluding altogether again.

Using the Pre-Intake Questionnaires as a guide, we'll assess your child's strengths and struggles, as well as some of yours.

At the end of the Interview, I'll provide you with preliminary impressions and recommend next steps to complete the assessment.

Step 3: Assessment Questionnaires (Post-Intake)

After the Intake Interview, you and your child will complete additional questionnaires, sometimes known as Standardized Rating Scales.

These questionnaires provide normative data on how your child is doing in certain emotional and behavioral domains.  Consider these rating scales the psychological "lab tests" that help us rule in or out certain conditions.  - Kinda' like blood tests your doctor may order, but without the needles!

Step 4: Collateral Consultations

It's often helpful to get input from other caregivers to complete my understanding of your child's functioning and needs.  For example, I may request permission to contact the child's teacher(s), school counselor, pediatrician, or other relevant caregivers.

When appropriate, I may request that teachers complete some rating scales as well.

Step 5: Feedback

We'll follow up with a brief Feedback Session a few days after the Intake Interview. This follow-up consultation involves a 20-30 minute telehealth (virtual) meeting.

During the Feedback session, we'll discuss the results of the assessment and answer your remaining questions.  I'll also provide recommendations for how to get any additional help you may need - either with me or elsewhere.



Registration Information

Intake Appointments are available only on Tuesday mornings, 8:30 - 10:00 am.
(Occasionally Wednesday mornings, as well.)

Feedback Appointments are scheduled a few days later, typically sometime on Friday of the same week.

Both parents, whenever applicable, are strongly encouraged to attend these two appointments.  If one parent cannot make it, we'll make arrangements for me to talk with the other parent at another time.

The child/teen must attend the Intake appointment, and may attend the Feedback appointment (TBD).

FEE: $550 - Private pay only.  You may be eligible for partial, out-of-network reimbursement from your health insurance, however, there are no guarantees.  You are responsible for payment, in full, at the time of scheduling.

The Initial Consultation & Assessment typically involves 3 hours of my professional time, including data review and interpretation, collateral consultations, follow-up feedback and a brief written summary.

You are billed for the whole package at the beginning of this service.

NOTE: If you decide not to proceed with the rest of the Assessment after the Intake Interview, you'll receive a $250 partial refund of your deposit.


Scheduling an Intake Appointment

To register, click on the “Get Started” button below.

You’ll be connected directly to our online scheduling system, where you’ll schedule and pay for your Initial Consultation.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our Acuity scheduling system is HIPAA-compliant, and all of your information is kept strictly confidential.



To register and schedule your
Initial Consultation.

BONUS: How to Prepare Your Child or Teen

Parents often ask, "How do I prepare my child for this initial appointment?"

You may be especially concerned if your child is ambivalent, reluctant, or even resistant to participating.

I strongly recommend that you prepare your child before the Initial Consultation by following these guidelines.