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IMPORTANT UPDATE – DECEMBER 2019 – Dr. Montminy is unable to accept any new patients at this time.

He is currently at maximum capacity, and will be out on a personal medical leave from mid-December to mid-January.

We will also be unveiling a new website on January 1st, with updated registration information and procedures for scheduling appointments then.  Please return to visit and consider services here again in January 2020.  Our sincere apologies for this inconvenience.

Meanwhile, may you and your family enjoy a very safe and Happy Holiday Season!


Sometimes, resources and education aren’t enough, and you may need additional professional help.

Here’s where you’ll learn about my private consultation and coaching services.

The high demand for these services often causes a 4-6 week wait for new clients trying to schedule their first appointment.

I apologize in advance for this inconvenience, but I am only one person doing the best I can!  Rest assured, I’m giving my full attention to my current clients.  Know that once you are a client,   I’ll give you the same level of personal and professional care.

To find out if these services are right for you, please:

  1. Watch the Clinic Orientation Video (below).
  2. Read the Clinic Overview Information (below).
  3. If you’re interested, register for an Initial Consultation (below).
  4. If you still have questions, contact me here.

Warm Regards,

– Dr. Peter Montminy

Clinic Orientation Video:

NEW HERE?  Watch this Clinic Orientation video with Dr. Montminy (7 minutes).

Clinic Overview:

My therapeutic services focus primarily on teaching kids mindfulness-based coping skills that build emotional resilience and well-being.

We’ll work together to help your child develop greater self-awareness and self-regulation skills so they have more resources – both within them and surrounding them – to face their life challenges.

Common childhood problems that I address include the “5-A’s”:

  • Adversity (Adjusting to Significant Life Stressors)
  • ADHD and other Executive Function Deficits
  • Anxiety and Depression
  • Anger and Aggression
  • Autism Spectrum issues

I treat children & adolescents from kindergarten through high school (grades K-12).

In addition, I work closely with parents, teachers, and healthcare providers to help ensure that each child has the best chance to succeed. I believe in collaborating with a team of parents and professionals to help guide each child to reach their highest potential.

While all of my clinical services involve standardized assessment and treatment protocols, each one is also uniquely tailored to fit your personal needs and goals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I help kids regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or identity, race, religion, and ethnicity.  I also help kids regardless of specific disability or disorder – as well as kids without any diagnosis or label.


Fees and Payments


The fee for a standard 45-minute Therapeutic Coaching session is $130.

The fee for an Initial Consultation is $200.

All payments are made securely online, by credit card, at the time of scheduling.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dr. Montminy is not participating with any insurance companies and takes private pay clients only.  Under some circumstances you may be able to seek partial reimbursement with your health insurance or health savings account.  However, any such reimbursement is not guaranteed, will vary depending on your specific circumstances, and is strictly between you and your insurance company.  We can provide monthly statements with relevant information, upon request.

Schedule Clinic Services:


Initial Consultation

All private appointments with Dr. Montminy begin here.  Successful treatment planning begins with accurate clinical assessment.

Mindful Solutions Coaching

This is my top-tier treatment program.  In this 12-session therapeutic coaching package, you and your child will learn how to apply the basic mindfulness skills, emotional coping skills, and problem-solving skills needed to thrive.

Clinical Consultation

This single-session consultation for parents and professionals focuses on quick assessment of the child’s difficulties and joint problem-solving around a specific question or issue.

Therapeutic Coaching

These therapeutic coaching sessions provide ongoing treatment for parents and children – focusing on the coping skills needed to overcome various life challenges.