Set Up Your Initial Consultation

All private appointments with Dr. Montminy begin here.


It’s crucial that we gain a thorough understanding of where you’re coming from, what your current concerns are, and where you hope to go. We’ll focus on gaining a basic understanding of your child’s functioning and needs at home, school, and life.

With this understanding, we’ll be able to make informed decisions about how and where you can get the best help for your needs. It may be with me – in group classes or private coaching sessions – or with other professionals and resources.

Either way, I’ll work to put you and your child at ease, while we explore ways to improve your child’s health and happiness.

What to Expect


The Initial Consultation is designed to determine a) what’s the matter, and b) what really matters – what to do about it!

It often involves a Diagnostic Assessment process that is composed of several clinical appointments, along with a series of parent and child questionnaires, and sometimes additional consultations with teachers, physicians, etc. (with your permission, only).


Initial Consultation – Part 1:  Intake

The first one-hour appointment, sometimes called an Intake Interview, focuses on your current concerns, your child’s developmental history, and your goals for seeking help.

For children 13-years-old and under:  This first appointment is typically for PARENTS ONLY.

For children 14-years-old and older:  This first appointment is typically for PARENTS AND TEEN.

Both parents are encouraged to attend, whenever possible.  If one parent is unable to attend due to work or other conflicts, that’s okay.  We will make alternative arrangements to get the other parent’s input.  I welcome each of your perspectives!

In order to get the most out of your Initial Consultation, you’ll need to read and complete the following forms prior to the first appointment:

  • Services Orientation Booklet
  • Services Agreement
  • Clinic Application

These forms will be emailed to you, along with further instructions, after you register.

The fee for this first part of the Initial Consultation is $200.


Initial Consultation – Part 2: Follow-Up and Feedback

One or two additional clinical consultations are often needed to complete: a) assessment interviews with the child and/or parents, b) relevant psychological tests or questionnaires, and c) feedback to you that offers a diagnostic summary and treatment recommendations.

Based on information from the Intake Interview, you’ll be asked to complete several norm-referenced ratings scales and symptom checklists prior to the second appointment.  Sometimes teachers or school counselors are also asked to provide this input.  Consider these our psychological “lab tests” that help make sure we have a full clinical picture of your child’s functioning and needs.

The fee for the second part of the Initial Consultation ranges from $150 – $300.


How to Proceed


To schedule an Initial Consultation, you will:

  1. First become A Mindful Village Member – which gives you access to free library resources, email updates, and access to our confidential online scheduling system.
  2. Once logged in, schedule your Initial Consultation appointment.
  3. Complete a brief Screening Questionnaire.
  4. Pay the Initial Consultation fee of $200.
  5. Look for an email from me within 48 hours – with your Intake Packet information!


Initial Consultation appointments are available limited times only – Tuesdays/Thursdays at 11:00 am.

AND you may have a 4 to 6 week wait for the next available opening.