Mindful Solutions Coaching


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This is my top-tier treatment program, providing all the direct training, tools, and techniques that I have to offer to help improve your child’s personal functioning and well-being.  We’ll focus on building strengths and solutions, rather than getting stuck in struggles and problems.

The Mindful Solutions Coaching Programs are designed for those who are serious about overcoming their current life challenges.  Each training program requires a commitment to regular daily practice in between your private coaching sessions.  

My favorite definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!  If you and/or your child are seeking a different way of living, then you’ll need to change your old habits.  In order to get a different outcome, you’ll need to provide a different input. You’ll need to develop new, healthier habits.

I strongly believe that where there’s a will, there’s a way.  

And if you have the will, I’ll help you find your way.


To do that, I work collaboratively with both parents and kids over an intensive 30 or 90 day period, tailoring the treatment protocol to fit your child’s unique set of developmental, temperamental, and environmental conditions.

Based on our findings from the Initial Consultation, you’ll select one of six core coaching programs that best match your needs.  

As you’ll see below, these include Mindful Solutions for Kids and Teens:

  • Stress & Adversity
  • Behavior Problems
  • ADHD
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Each program is composed of 12 private coaching sessions that move you through the Mindful Solutions steps of Awareness, Acceptance, and Aligned Action to help you transform your lives.

During each coaching session, we will:

  • review your recent successes and challenges,
  • learn new mindfulness-based coping strategies,
  • practice the strategies in session, and
  • prepare you to apply what you’ve learned in real life.

Is a Mindful Solutions Coaching
Program Right for You?

You may be thinking – this is a lot of time, money, and effort – is it worth it?

Clinical research and experience have indicated that the optimal growth in therapy typically occurs between 10-20 sessions, though it certainly varies.  I want to make sure you and I both make a commitment to getting the best possible outcome for your child.

That means working sometimes with your child, sometimes with you, and sometimes with the family or school – whatever is needed to have a positive impact.  To do so takes time and effort.

This 12-session treatment program is a realistic minimum for expecting to make any meaningful changes in personal patterns that have often taken hold over years.  Give yourself and your child a couple of months of honest, focused work to see what differences you can make.  

There are no guarantees, of course, but based on 30 years of treating thousands of youth, I’m confident you and your son or daughter will find growth you didn’t know you had in you!

In addition, many families choose to continue with ongoing, supportive therapeutic coaching sessions after this initial course of treatment.  Or they return for booster sessions whenever needed. But first things first…


Two Ways to Go

You can choose either the Standard 90-Day Treatment Package or the Intensive 30-Day Treatment Package.  We’ll cover the same ground, either way.

Each package includes 12 private therapeutic coaching sessions, all focused on reducing your child’s stress, building resilient coping strategies, and improving emotional well-being.

Each program also includes between-session check-ins by email or text to help keep you on track.  And you’ll receive a Personal Playbook to actively keep track of lessons learned, progress made, and new challenges or questions to address.

The Standard 90-Day Coaching Program typically goes like this:

  • 1st Month – Three 90-minute “double” sessions (the equivalent of 6 coaching sessions) focused on building foundational mindfulness skills that will help alleviate your child’s emotional and/or behavioral difficulties 
  • 2nd Month – Three 45-minute coaching sessions focused on building more specific coping skills for your child’s particular difficulties
  • 3rd Month – Three 45-minute coaching sessions focused on strengthening those coping skills as well as supportive relationships that promote your child’s mental health and well-being.

The Intensive 30-Day Coaching Program is for those who want more immediate relief and are able to work in a more condensed, focused way.  It’s structured like this:

  • 1st Day – Family Retreat Day – You and your child spend a day-long private retreat with me – with 3 coaching sessions in the morning, a lunch break, and 3 coaching sessions in the afternoon.
  • Over the Next Month – Six 45-minute coaching sessions focused on strengthening coping skills and supportive relationships to overcome your child’s difficulties.


Fees and Payments

The fee for a standard 45-minute therapeutic coaching session is $130.

Each Mindful Solutions Coaching Program comes complete with 12 coaching sessions, as well as between-session check-ins and a Personal Playbook with guided instructions and progress logs. The discounted fee for this comprehensive package is $1450.

  • The Standard 90-Day Package involves 3 monthly payments of $485 each.
  • The Intensive 30-Day Package involves 2 monthly payments of $725 each.

All payments are made securely online, by credit card, at the time of enrollment.

Dr. Montminy is not participating with any insurance companies and takes private pay clients only.  Under some circumstances you may be able to seek partial reimbursement with your health insurance or health savings account.  However, any such reimbursement is not guaranteed, will vary depending on your specific circumstances, and is strictly between you and your insurance company.  We can provide monthly statements with relevant information, upon request.


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