Mindful Solutions for Kids and Teens: Stress & Adversity

This 12-session therapeutic coaching program for youth (grades K-12) and their parents applies mindfulness-based solutions to the challenges of living with major stress or adversity.

The stressors may be recent and acute, or long-term and chronic, but either way they’ve become toxic. They are now causing notable emotional distress and/or impairment in your child’s daily functioning.

The stressors may range from chronic school, family, or peer pressures to recent life changes such as moving, divorce, or death to adverse childhood experiences (ACES) such as domestic violence, neglect, or abuse.

When we are stressed out – experiencing pressures that feel overwhelming – our nervous system goes into “fight or flight” mode. We emotionally react, more than thoughtfully respond, to situations. We argue or avoid instead of “tend and befriend.”

And when our stress reaches toxic levels, we start breaking down – both mentally and physically. We become more distracted, irritable, forgetful, worried, frustrated, and above all, fatigued.

Unfortunately, the high-speed, high-stress world we live in now is taking its toll on many of our children in just these ways.

If you notice your child showing any of these signs of toxic stress, this treatment package may be the remedy you’re seeking.

This Mindful Solutions Coaching Program is specifically designed to help transform your child’s relationship with stress, so they can bounce back from adversity and move from surviving to thriving again.

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