Private Consultations

When your child is hurting, they may need professional help to get back on the right track.  As a practicing clinical psychologist for over 30 years, I offer a unique blend of empathy, experience, and expertise for struggling children and adolescents.

My clinical services focus primarily on teaching kids mindfulness-based coping skills that build emotional resilience and well-being.



Begin with an Initial Consultation

Before we can help with any problem, we first have to understand it. That’s why you'll begin with an Initial Consultation and Assessment.

The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to:

  • gain a thorough understanding of your current concerns,
  • assess your child’s functioning and needs, and
  • make recommendations for how best to meet those needs.

The Initial Consultation process involves Intake Interviews with both parents and child, along with an extensive series of Assessment Questionnaires.  I’ll also consult with teachers, counselors, physicians, etc., as needed.

After integrating all of the information, we'll meet for a Feedback Session, where I'll offer my clinical impressions and recommendations.

How to Book an Initial Appointment

To register and schedule an Initial Consultation, Click Here Now.


Proceed with Mindful Solutions Therapy

A Holistic Pathway to Healing for Your Child - and Your Family

After the Initial Consultation, most families proceed with treatment.  That treatment typically involves a mindfulness-based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program, which we call Mindful Solutions Therapy.  Mindful Solutions Therapy is a time-limited, intensive outpatient treatment program, typically lasting 10-12 sessions.

During those sessions, we’ll focus primarily on developing your child's self-regulation skills.  The key to strengthening their mental health is to improve their ability to regulate their attention, emotions, and behaviors in the face of life stressors, whatever those may be.

We'll also focus on developing the prerequisite skills of greater self-awareness and self-acceptance, along the way.

Finally, we'll focus on strengthening the co-regulation relationship between parents and child, which provides the foundation for emotional regulation and resilience in kids.

While your child is building their stress-coping toolkit, you'll be building your parenting toolkit as well - learning how to guide your child to more adaptive emotional and behavioral choices, with more ease and balance.

Continue with Follow-Up Therapeutic Coaching

Once you’ve completed the initial treatment program, you can continue with half-hour Follow-Up Coaching sessions, as needed.  This option offers a safety net of support and booster sessions for maintaining or improving skills.