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Be successful.

Sometimes resources and education aren’t enough. A private consultation with a licensed child psychologist may provide the help you need.

I’m here to help your child and family, as best I can. And if my services don’t provide what you need, I’ll try to help you find other professionals that can better serve you.




Dr. Montminy will be RE-OPENING for Private Services on Monday, September 12, 2022.

You may contact us here if you wish to be notified when you can begin registering for these services, which should be the last week of August.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of transition.

Very Best Wishes,
- Dr. Peter Montminy


FOR A SNEAK PREVIEW - These are some of the services coming soon...

Tier III – Private Consultations

I'll be providing a very limited number of private consultations for individual families each month.

Diagnostic Assessment – This clinical assessment will help you gain a thorough understanding of your child’s strengths and struggles, along with practical recommendations for what to do about it.

Family Intensive Treatment (FIT) – Our core therapeutic coaching package is for families who are committed to making real changes in their lives.  You and your child will receive intensive Mindful Solutions coaching, tailored to your family’s specific challenges, during this 8-week immersive program.

Therapeutic Coaching – These half-hour telehealth consultations provide ongoing support and booster sessions, as needed.  NOTE: Available only to those who have been through the FIT Program, or other equivalent treatment and training.



New Patients: Scheduling an Intake Appointment

To register and schedule with Dr. Montminy, click on the “Get Started” button below.  NOT AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME.

You’ll be connected directly to our online scheduling system, where you’ll schedule and pay for your Diagnostic Assessment / Intake Appointment.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our Acuity scheduling system is HIPAA-compliant, and all of your information is kept strictly confidential.



To register and schedule your
Initial Consultation.

Current Patients: Scheduling Additional Appointments

You may continue to schedule your appointments through Acuity, beginning August 22, 2022.