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Sometimes self-help resources and educational classes aren’t enough.  You may need more professional help to guide your child along a healing path towards greater mental health and well-being.

As a licensed clinical psychologist, I’ve been providing such guidance to children, adolescents, and families for over three decades.  I’d be glad to help you and your child, if I can.

I’m able to provide a limited number of private consultations for a few new families each month.  This ensures that when I do see you, I’m able to give you my full attention and best possible service.

A reminder, I only see private-pay clients at this time.  That means you are responsible for payment in full for any services provided.  Upon request, we provide monthly statements that may be used for seeking partial (out-of-network) reimbursement from your health insurance.  But there are no guarantees.

Currently, the Wait Time for new patients is approximately: 10-12 weeks.  

If you try to schedule an Initial Consultation (below) and there are no available openings - Please CONTACT US HERE and request to be placed on the Waiting List.  I'll alert you as openings become available.

For more information, check out the options below.



Initial Consultation & Assessment (ICA)

If you’re a new client seeking private psychological services with me, you’ll need to begin here. 

The purpose of the Initial Consultation is to gain an understanding of your current concerns, assess your child’s functioning and needs, and make recommendations for how best to meet those needs.

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Family Intensive Treatment (FIT)

Our core therapeutic coaching package is for families who are committed to making real changes in their lives.  You and your child will receive intensive Mindful Solutions coaching, tailored to your child’s specific difficulties, during this 6-week immersive program.

This is a short-term, intensive outpatient treatment program designed to help you and your child get immediate symptom relief and to begin to make real changes in your daily life.

To do so, you'll need to commit to 10 therapy hours, including an initial half-day retreat, as well as daily practices, over the next month.

NOTE: Available only to those who have been through the Initial Consultation & Assessment with Dr. Montminy.


Follow-up Therapeutic Coaching (FTC)

These half-hour telehealth consultations provide ongoing support and booster sessions, as needed.

NOTE: Available only to those who have been through the FIT Program, or other equivalent treatment and training with me.