If you’re seeking some quick, easy-to-digest suggestions and resources for the everyday problems of raising school-age kids (K-12), you’re in the right place.

Problems like…

  • chronic stress,
  • attention deficits,
  • emotional dysregulation,
  • defiant behaviors,
  • anxiety and depression,
  • anger and aggression,
  • family, school, or social pressures,
  • homework, screen-time, bullying, bedtime
  • sleep problems

Here’s where you’ll find some useful starting points and helpful recommendations.

The Mindful Village Library provides parents, teachers, and other child-serving professionals with a variety of FREE online resources focused on mindfulness-based solutions for common childhood problems.

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Dr. Peter's Blog

Professional advice and personal stories about helping kids and their caregivers overcome the many stress-
related problems of growing up today.

Quick Training Videos (QTVs)

Introductory talks that help you understand WHAT the problem is, WHY it matters, and HOW to deal with it.  Coming Fall 2018.

Mindful Monday Meditations (MMMs)

Every Monday morning, you’ll receive a new 10-minute mindfulness exercise that
you (and your kids) can practice daily for personal well-being.

Bonus Materials

Interviews, presentations, slide-shows, videos, articles, and links to other recommended resources.  Coming Fall 2018.

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Remember, it takes a Mindful Village to raise our children with clear minds, calm emotions, and compassionate actions.

Here’s where we begin to learn how to do that. I hope you’ll join us!