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Professional advice and personal stories about helping kids and their caregivers overcome the many stress-related problems of growing up today.

Raising Children in a Village They Deserve

No doubt you’ve heard the old African proverb – “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Indeed, it does.  So let’s ask ourselves – what kind of society are we raising our children in these days?

5 Ways to Create Healthy Digital Habits in Your Kids

Parents and kids today are experiencing chronic emotional overwhelm at the hands of information overload.  Worried about what’s best for our children, many parents have a love-hate relationship with modern technology.

Mindful Monday Meditations (MMMs)

Every Monday morning, you’ll receive a new 10-minute mindfulness exercise that
you (and your kids) can practice daily for personal well-being.

MMM 2 – Busyness & Stress

This 12-minute Guided Meditation introduces you to the effects of stress in your life and how to begin letting go of the toxic build-up of tension.

MMM 1 – Stillness

This 12-minute Guided Meditation invites you to pause in quiet stillness and see what you notice.

Quick Training Videos (QTVs)

Introductory talks that help you understand WHAT the problem is, WHY it matters, and HOW to deal with it.  Coming in September 2018.

Bonus Materials

Interviews, presentations, slide-shows, videos, articles, and links to other recommended resources.  

Coming in September 2018.