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Professional advice and personal stories about helping kids and their caregivers overcome the many stress-related problems of growing up today.

Accepting Our Children’s Differences

We all have strengths and weaknesses. We all have things that come to us fairly easily, that we’re naturally good at, and things that we struggle with. True or false?

How to Eliminate Parent-Child Power Struggles with “Yes…And”

When you get sucked into the “NOs” and “BUTs” of an argument, you are fighting an ongoing battle of exclusion – us versus them. When you come from an inner place of understanding and acceptance – which is reflected in the language of “YES…AND” – you are being inclusive. You are joining together to overcome a life challenge.

Why Mindfulness is Important Right Now

One of the most powerful antidotes to the ills of our times, I believe, is mindfulness. While it’s been practiced across many cultures for many centuries, it seems especially vital to our personal and collective well-being at this point in time.

Raising Children in a Village They Deserve

No doubt you’ve heard the old African proverb – “It takes a village to raise a child.”  Indeed, it does.  So let’s ask ourselves – what kind of society are we raising our children in these days?

5 Ways to Create Healthy Digital Habits in Your Kids

Parents and kids today are experiencing chronic emotional overwhelm at the hands of information overload.  Worried about what’s best for our children, many parents have a love-hate relationship with modern technology.

Mindful Morning Meditations (MMMs)

Every Monday morning, you’ll receive a new mindfulness exercise that you (and your kids) can practice daily for personal well-being.

MMM 12 – Centering Breath

When your racing body or mind is trying to keep up with the world, use this meditation to become grounded and centered again.

MMM 10 – Name It to Tame It

Stuck in repetitive thoughts – worrying, planning, regretting, dreading?  Learn how to notice it, name it, and gently let it go.

MMM 8 – Anchor Words

This exercise offers another tool to help your wandering mind remain focused, here and now, on your breath.