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Professional advice and personal stories about helping kids and their caregivers overcome the many stress-related problems of growing up today.

Understanding Digital Addictions

Mobile digital devices, from smart phones to iPads, have become essential aspects of daily life.  In fact, 98% of children under age 8 in America have access to mobile devices at home.

Choose Kind

“When given the choice between being right or being kind, choose kind.” - R.J. Palacio, Wonder   Ever wonder what the world would be like if we lived by this maxim? What would your family life be like? - Your workplace? - Your child’s school? I’ve spent the past year...

Get Rid of Your Big Buts!

Many of us start off the new year with the best of intentions. We want to live healthier and happier, and yet, there always seems to be some big BUT getting in the way. Don’t you just hate that!

Mindful Morning Meditations (MMMs)

Every Monday morning, you’ll receive a new mindfulness exercise that you (and your kids) can practice daily for personal well-being.

MMM 6 – Body Scan

This guided meditation helps you get out of your busy mind and into the simple sensations of your body – a wonderful deep relaxation exercise.

MMM 5 – Anchor Breathing

Just like an anchor helps keep a boat from drifting off, your breath can serve as an anchor or safe harbor for your wandering mind.

MMM 4 – Mindful Breathing

A beginning set of mindful breathing exercises – for you to discover your breath, and the effects it can have on your nervous system, in a new light.

MMM 2 – Busyness & Stress

This 12-minute Guided Meditation introduces you to the effects of stress in your life and how to begin letting go of the toxic build-up of tension.

MMM 1 – Stillness

This 12-minute Guided Meditation invites you to pause in quiet stillness and see what you notice.