Your Tween or Teen will learn mindfulness-based coping skills that strengthen emotional resiliency and well-being.

This 6-week course teaches kids mindfulness-based coping strategies to overcome the challenges of living with any significant stress or adversity in your child’s life..

The stressors may be recent and acute, or long-term and chronic, but either way they’ve become toxic. They are now causing notable emotional distress and/or impairment in your child’s daily functioning.

The stressors may include:

  • chronic school, family, or peer pressures
  • recent life changes such as moving, divorce, or death
  • traumatic events or adverse childhood experiences (ACES)

When we are stressed out – experiencing pressures that feel overwhelming – our nervous system goes into “fight or flight” mode. We emotionally react, more than thoughtfully respond, to situations. We argue or avoid instead of “tend and befriend.”


 And when our stress reaches toxic levels, we start breaking down

– both mentally and physically.


You may notice your child becoming more:

  • distracted and disorganized
  • worried and nervous
  • frustrated and angry
  • argumentative and belligerent
  • moody and irritable
  • sullen and withdrawn
  • sick with headaches, stomachaches, GI problems, or immune deficiencies
  • tired with chronic fatigue, low energy, or sleep problems

Unfortunately, the high-speed, high-stress world we live in now is taking its toll on many of our children in just these ways.  If you notice your child or teen showing any of these signs of toxic stress, this wellness program may be just the solution.

This course is specifically designed to transform your child’s relationship with stress, so they can bounce back from adversity and move from surviving to thriving again.


AND This program isn’t just for kids!


The parent version of this course focuses on how to manage your stress as well as respond to your children’s stress in more supportive and constructive ways.  The parent course is also great for child-serving professionals including teachers, counselors, childcare and healthcare providers.


When we caregivers first take care of ourselves, then we can better meet the needs of the children we live and work with.

Course Details


Participants will develop these resilience-building skills and resources:

Class 1:  Awareness: Good Stress, Bad Stress, and Mindfulness
Class 2:  Acceptance: Stress Mindsets
Class 3:  Aligned Action: Relax the Body
Class 4:  Aligned Action: Refocus the Mind
Class 5:  Aligned Action: Respond with Compassion
Class 6:  Positive Practices for Post-Traumatic Growth


You’ll also receive these Bonus Materials to strengthen your skills:

BONUS #1:  Guided Meditation Recordings for each lesson that will help with home practice between classes.

BONUS #2:  A Personal Playbook – with instructions, tips, and journal questions to guide your personal practice.

A word about your Instructor:

Peter Montminy, Ph.D. is a clinical child psychologist and certified mindfulness teacher.  He’s dedicated 30 years of professional practice to improving the emotional well-being of children and youth.  [Learn more.]

Registration Information for this Online Course coming soon.


Please contact us now to be added to the waiting list – and to ask any questions you may have.

Thank you!