Mindful Solutions for Preschool

Mindful Solutions for Preschool Parents and Teachers - During the COVID Pandemic and Beyond!

Parents and teachers of young children face unique challenges during times of chaos and uncertainty.  Young children need a stable base to develop a sense of security and trust in the world.  Yet during the coronavirus pandemic, there is anything but stability for our young families and preschool communities.

Exposure risks, safety protocols, and parent work situations continue to change. Many parents and teachers are experiencing high levels of fear, frustration, and fatigue.  What can we do to take care of ourselves and our children?

This mini-series offer a few mindful solutions for managing our own stress, as well as our children's difficult emotions and challenging behaviors.

Part 1: "Sanity Survival Tips for Parents and Teachers"



Survival Tips for Parents & Teachers

Part 2: "Mindful Solutions for Young Children's Difficult Emotions"

AUDIO RECORDING (Part 2a): [Coming Soon.]

AUDIO RECORDING (Part 2b): [Coming Soon.]


MFS for Difficult Emotions

Part 3: "Mindful Solutions for Young Children's Challenging Behaviors"

AUDIO RECORDING (Part 3a):  [Coming soon.]

AUDIO RECORDING (Part3b): [Coming soon.]


MFS for Challenging Behaviors