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About Peter Montminy, Ph.D

Peter Montminy is a devoted husband, father of four, and now granddad!  He is also a clinical psychologist and educational consultant who has dedicated his 30-year career to improving the mental health of children and youth.

Dr. Montminy served as the Director of Child and Adolescent Services at Penn State’s Psychological Clinic before becoming the founding director of Midstep Centers for Child Development in 1996.  In 2016, he founded A Mindful Village, where he continues his private consulting practice and training programs for families, schools, and agencies throughout Pennsylvania.  Meanwhile, he remains on faculty at Penn State University, teaching and supervising doctoral students in child clinical psychology.

His clinical areas of expertise focus primarily on the effects of toxic stress on children and adolescents, as well as children with executive-functioning deficits.  That is, he works with kids who struggle to regulate their attention, emotion, and behavior due to personal differences (eg., disorders, disabilities) and/or challenging life circumstances (eg., trauma, loss).

Dr. Montminy completed his undergraduate education at Dartmouth College.  He completed his graduate studies at Penn State University and Yale Medical School’s Child Study Center.  Since then, he has received extensive post-doctoral training in:

  • developmental neuropsychology,
  • stress and trauma,
  • resilience and positive psychology,
  • mindfulness and compassion,
  • social-emotional learning, and
  • integrative mind-body medicine.

Dr. Montminy is also a nationally certified mindfulness instructor with Mindful Schools out of Oakland, CA.  Over the past decade, he has helped train thousands of teachers from around the world in how to bring mindfulness practices to kids.

Personally, Peter has been practicing mindfulness, meditation, and yoga for more than 20 years.  He owes much to the wise teachings of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Kristen Neff, Rick Hanson, and Dan Siegel.  He is especially grateful for his mindful mentors and friends - Vinny Ferraro, Chris McKenna, Megan Cowan, Chris Willard, Rob Roeser, and Theresa Shay.