Recommended Resources for Resilience and Well-Being

Mindfully Managing Your Mental Health

Greater Good’s Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus (GGSC)

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus (CMI)

Having a Stress Hygiene Plan Is as Important as Your Cleaning and Sanitization Plan! (Gina Biegel)

A Therapist’s Guide to Staying Sane During A Pandemic (Lori Gottlieb)

Coronavirus Sanity Guide (Dan Harris, 10% Happier)

How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID-19 (CMI)

Accessing Mindfulness in Times of Stress (ADAA)

Why Mindfulness is a Superpower (Happify):


What Do We Have All Wrong About Meditation (Happify):


How to Meet Loss and Pain Without Fear (Willem Kuyken)

How to Befriend Your Life as It Is (Willem Kuyken)

Sparking Joy (Willem Kuyken)


Building Resilience

Five Science Backed Strategies to Build Resilience (Kira Newman, GGSC)

Resilience is Not A Luxury (Fleet Maull, Mindful Leader)

Three Ways to Boost Your Resilience as a Parent (GGSC)


Going Deeper - Guided Meditations for Well-Being

Find Calm and Nourish Resilience (

Nourishing Breath (Bob Stahl and Elisha Goldstein)

Let it RAIN (Tara Brach)

Cultivating Equanimity (Willem Kuyken)

Self-Compassion Practices (Kristen Neff)

Calm and Ease (Thich Nhat Hanh)


Compassion in the Time of Coronavirus (Jack Kornfield)

Being Resilient During Coronavirus (Rick Hanson)

Coping with COVID-19: Resilience Resources (Oren Jay Sofer)

Pandemic Care Resources (Tara Brach)


A Steady Heart in the Time of Coronavirus (Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach)

Awakening Presence & Love During This Time of Global Crisis (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield)