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Coming Together as
A Mindful Village NOW

Support for Our Children During the Coronavirus Crisis

While we need to practice “Social Distancing” for the physical health and welfare of our country right now, we don’t need to succumb to emotional distancing and dysphoria.

We can still come together in smart and safe ways for the mental health and well-being of our children, and ourselves. In fact, connecting in caring communities – especially during times of traumatic stress – is absolutely vital to both your body’s nervous system and immune system.
And yes, it takes a village…!

These FREE Community Events are being offered currently as support for all the parents and professionals out there – including school teachers, counselors, and administrators, medical, mental health, and childcare providers - trying each day to care for our kids.

Hopefully, these offerings can help care for you, too.

Warmest Wishes,
Peter Montminy, Ph.D.

“Live, Laugh, & Love” Lunch Breaks with Dr. Peter

Online LIVE at 12:30 pm:

MINDFUL MONDAYS – Inspirational Message & Guided Meditation  – to get you and your students through the week more peacefully and productively. These half-hour sessions help you Relax and Refocus – on what really matters.

WEDNESDAY WEBINARS – Free Class for Mindful Parents and Professionals – helping you cover the basics you need to know about topics you care about. These 45-minute sessions teach you ways to help your children not only survive, but thrive, through life stressors.

FAQ FRIDAYS – Open Office Hours with Dr. Montminy – “Q&A” discussions about whatever pressing or puzzling problems you’re facing. Hop online or email your questions in advance to get serious-minded and warm-hearted advice on child, family, or school difficulties.

Sign Up for Weekly Updates at and you’ll receive access to any of these sessions live, as well as the recordings in case you missed them!


Dr. Peter’s Posts

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How do children develop self-regulation skills – and who cares? First of all, what are self-regulation skills?  Self-regulation is the ability to focus your attention, control your emotions, and manage your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  These skills – often referred to as the executive functions of the brain – are critical for healthy child development […]

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Get Rid of Your Big Buts!

Many of us start off the new year with the best of intentions. We want to live healthier and happier, and yet, there always seems to be some big BUT getting in the way. Don’t you just hate that!

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A Season of Giving – and Receiving

It’s that time of year when we seek to bring gifts of joy and good cheer to our family and friends. Yet often we get so swept up in finding the just-right gifts in stores, that we forget about the real gifts of love surrounding us all the time.

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