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Coming Together as
A Mindful Village NOW

Support for Parents and Teachers During the COVID Pandemic

While we need to practice “Social Distancing” for the physical health and welfare of our country right now, we don’t need to succumb to emotional distancing.  We can still come together in smart and safe ways for the mental health and well-being of our children, and ourselves.

In fact, connecting in caring communities – especially during times of traumatic stress – is absolutely vital to both your body’s nervous system and immune system.  And yes, it takes a village…!

These Mindful Village Resources are freely offered as a support for all the parents and professionals out there – school teachers, counselors, and administrators, medical, mental health, and childcare providers - trying each day to care for our kids.

My deep respect and love to each of you.

- Peter Montminy, Ph.D.


“Self-Care for the Care-Givers”

FREE Mindfulness Classes for Parents, Teachers, and Other Child-Serving Professionals

LIVE Online with Dr. Peter Montminy

Weekdays 12:30 – 1:00 pm EDT      (April 6th - 30th)

Given the enormous stress you’re under, you deserve a break today!  Drop-in any day of the week during the month of April for these FREE online programs providing self-care for our kids care-givers.  You’ll be treated to:

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditations – to help you Relax & Refocus when it’s needed most
  • Mindful Parenting & Teaching Tips – to help you get through new daily routines & struggles
  • Stress Management Strategies – helping you and your kids overcome feelings of overwhelm
  • “Q&A” Discussions – sharing inspirational stories and practical advice for our times

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MONDAY (4/6) - Class 1: Mindful Solutions for Pandemic Stress
TUESDAY (4/7) - Class 2: What You Focus on Grows
WEDNESDAY (4/8) - Class 3: Relax the Body
THURSDAY (4/9) - Class 4: Refocus the Mind
FRIDAY (4/10) - Class 5: Just Breathe


MONDAY (4/13) - Class 6: Balancing Home and Work at Home
TUESDAY (4/14) - Class 7: Awareness of Emotions
WEDNESDAY (4/15) - Class 8: Feeling Fevers
THURSDAY (4/16) - Class 9: Lost in (Worry) Thoughts
FRIDAY (4/17) - Class 10: Anchor Breaths

Week 3

MONDAY (4/20) - Class 11: Stress Mindsets
TUESDAY (4/21) - Class 12: Loving-Kindness
WEDNESDAY (4/22) - Class 13: Coming to Our Senses
THURSDAY (4/23) - Class 14: A Prayer for Our Uncertain Times
FRIDAY (4/24) - Class 15: Mindful Breathing for Kids (Part 1)

Week 4

MONDAY (4/27) - Class 16: Self-Compassion
TUESDAY (4/28) - Class 17: Mindful Breathing for Kids (Part 2)
WEDNESDAY (4/29) - Class 18: Daily OTP's: S.T.O.P.
THURSDAY (4/30) - Class 19: Gratitude and Generosity
FRIDAY (5/1) - Class 20: Your Mindful Solutions Toolkit

SIGN UP HERE NOW for your Weekly Updates from Dr. Montminy - and you’ll receive the link to all of the Live Zoom sessions, as well as the full archive of class recordings.



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Dr. Peter's Picks

Recommended Resources

Here are some additional tips and tools from some of my most trusted colleagues, experts, and organizations.

During these current times of pandemic stress and uncertainty, I'll update these resources regularly.

I'll share with you the best stuff I come across, in the hopes of helping all of us get through these challenges a little bit safer and saner.

Coronavirus 101

Know The Facts (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - CDC Updates)

Coping with COVID-19 (CDC)

Family Coping with COVID-19 (National Child Traumatic Stress Network - NCTSN)

Coronavirus FAQs (CDC)

Panic Sells, Calm Saves (Anxiety and Depression Association of America - ADAA)


Mindfully Managing Your Stress and Anxiety

Self-Care for the Care-Givers (Peter Montminy)

Anxiety Coping Tips (ADAA)

How to Manage Isolation Anxiety during Quarantine (ADAA)

When Corona Anxiety is Useful and When It Isn’t (Greater Good Science Center - GGSC)

Step Away from Anxiety (GGSC - Podcast)

Stress Management for Educators (GGSC)

How Teachers Can Navigate Difficult Emotions During School Closures (GGSC)


Mindfully Managing Your Children's Stress and Anxiety

Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19 (National Association of School Psychologists - NASP)

Supporting Kids Through the COVID-19 Crisis (Child Mind Institute - CMI)

Managing Worry – Your Kids’ and Your Own (CMI)

5 Ways to Help Teens Manage Anxiety About Coronavirus (Lisa Damour, NY Times)

Talking to Kids about Coronavirus (CMI)

Talking to Teens about Coronavirus (CMI)

How to Talk to Your Anxious Child about Coronavirus (ADAA)


Mindfulness Lessons for Kids (Mindful Schools)

Mindfulness Meditations for Kids (Headspace)

Embodied Mindfulness for Kids (Little Flower Yoga)

Breathing Makes It Better (Dr. Christopher Willard)


Mindfully Living with Kids in LockDown

Parents – Being “Good Enough” Right Now is OK (ADAA)

How to Help Teens Shelter-In-Place (Christine Carter, GGSC)

Focusing on Student Well-Being in Times of Crisis (Edutopia)

Balancing Screen Time, Sleep, and Family During Coronavirus (Edutopia)

7 Guiding Principles for Parents Teaching at Home (Edutopia)

Innovative Ways to Make Coronavirus a Teachable Moment (Edutopia)

New Strategies in Special Education as Kids Learn From Home (Edutopia)

Staying Close While Physical Distancing (Dacher Keltner, GGSC Podcast)

Ways to Meet Your Child's Sensory Needs at Home (Edutopia)

Prioritizing Self-Care While Working from Home (Edutopia)

Bedtime Meditation for Parents and Kids (Ten Percent Happier)

Managing Meltdowns at Home - Yours and Your Kids (Peter Montminy)

Self-Care for the Care-Givers (Peter Montminy)


Mindfully Managing Your Child's Challenging Behaviors

Managing Meltdowns at Home - Yours and Your Kids (Peter Montminy)

Emotion Coaching: One of the Most Important Parenting Practices of All (GGSC)

The Power of Positive Attention to Change Children’s Behavior (CMI)

How We Can Help Kids with Transitions (CMI)

Support for Kids with ADHD During the Coronavirus (CMI)

Supporting Kids with Autism through Uncertain Times (UNC)

Working with Your Child with Autism at Home (FAU)


Mindfully Managing Your Mental Health

Greater Good’s Guide to Well-Being During Coronavirus (GGSC)

Self-Care in the Time of Coronavirus (CMI)

Having a Stress Hygiene Plan Is as Important as Your Cleaning and Sanitization Plan! (Gina Biegel)

A Therapist’s Guide to Staying Sane During A Pandemic (Lori Gottlieb)

Coronavirus Sanity Guide (Dan Harris, 10% Happier)

How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID-19 (CMI)

Accessing Mindfulness in Times of Stress (ADAA)

Why Mindfulness is a Superpower (Happify):


What Do We Have All Wrong About Meditation (Happify):


How to Meet Loss and Pain Without Fear (Willem Kuyken)

How to Befriend Your Life as It Is (Willem Kuyken)

Sparking Joy (Willem Kuyken)


Simple Mindfulness and Compassion Practices

A Quick, Calming Body Scan (Christopher Willard,

Mindful Breathing (GGSC)

Gaining Perspective on Negative Events (GGSC)

6 Daily Questions to Ask Yourself in Quarantine (GGSC)

Self-Compassion Break (Kristin Neff and Chris Germer)

Mindfulness for Healthcare Workers During COVID (

Mindfulness Meditations for Kids (Mindful Schools)

A Loving-Kindness Practice to Foster Acceptance (Sharon Salzberg)


Building Resilience

Five Science Backed Strategies to Build Resilience (Kira Newman, GGSC)

Resilience is Not A Luxury (Fleet Maull, Mindful Leader)

Three Ways to Boost Your Resilience as a Parent (GGSC)


Going Deeper - Guided Meditations

Find Calm and Nourish Resilience (

Nourishing Breath (Bob Stahl and Elisha Goldstein)

Let it RAIN (Tara Brach)

Cultivating Equanimity (Willem Kuyken)

Self-Compassion Practices (Kristen Neff)

Calm and Ease (Thich Nhat Hanh)


Compassion in the Time of Coronavirus (Jack Kornfield)

Being Resilient During Coronavirus (Rick Hanson)

Coping with COVID-19: Resilience Resources (Oren Jay Sofer)

Pandemic Care Resources (Tara Brach)


A Steady Heart in the Time of Coronavirus (Jack Kornfield & Tara Brach)

Awakening Presence & Love During This Time of Global Crisis (Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield)