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ALSO - Enjoy these live psycho-educational programs for kids and teens, as well as parents and professionals.

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Mental Health Classes & Retreats

We provide an ongoing series of mindfulness-based trainings for tweens and teens, as well as parents and professionals.  These programs are designed to reduce child, parent, and teacher stress, increase resilience, and improve child mental health.

Current Offerings - FALL 2022

Strengthening Your Mental Health & Fitness - 
Mindful Solutions for Kids and Teens

  • In-Person Classes for Elementary Students * Beginning Tues., Oct. 4th.
  • In-Person Classes for Middle School Students * Beginning Tues., Oct. 4th.
  • In-Person Classes for High School Students * Beginning Thurs. Oct. 6th.

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Strengthening Your Child's Mental Health - 
Mindful Solutions for Parents and Professionals

  • Online Classes for Parents & Professionals begin Wed., Oct. 5th.
  • In-Person Daylong Retreat (Parents & Teachers) - Sat., Nov. 5th.

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