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Mindful Monday Meditations               (LIVE - Weekly at 11:30 am)

Start your week off right with a simple self-care practice that you can use all week long.  Enjoy a brief guided meditation that nourishes your body, mind, and spirit.

New inspirational message and meditation each week.
Participate live and/or practice with the recordings anytime.

Register here, once, to attend any of the live meditations for Spring 2022 (1/24 thru 5/23).


Wednesday Webinars                               (LIVE - Monthly at 7:30 pm)

These FREE presentations offer useful tips for mindful parenting and teaching.
Gain nuggets of wisdom that you can apply daily at home or school (Grades K-12).
Join the live Q&A Discussions and/or review the recordings anytime.

DATES:            TOPICS:

Jan. 26            "Clear, Calm, & Kind" Kids!
                    An Introduction to Mindful Parenting & Teaching

Register here for Jan. 26th session and recording.


Mar. 02            Trauma-Informed Care for Kids:
                   Fostering Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

Register here for March 2nd session and recording.


Mar. 30            Connection Over Compliance:
                   Brain-Smart Ways to Teach Kids Self-Control                           

Register here for March 30th session and recording.


May 04             From Worrier to Warrior:
                   Teaching Kids Compassion & Courage in the Face of Fear     

Register here for May 4th session and recording.


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