Self-Care for the Care-Givers

Self-Care for the Care-Givers

FREE Mindfulness Classes for Parents and Teachers
during the COVID Pandemic

with Dr. Peter Montminy

Online LIVE - Weekdays 12:30 - 1:00 pm. EDT
(April 6th to 30th)

These FREE Virtual Events are being offered as a support for all the parents and professionals - school teachers, counselors, administrators, mental health, and childcare providers - trying each day to care for our kids.

Drop-in any day of the week during the month of April for these online programs that provide self-care for our kids care-givers.  You'll be treated to:

  • Guided Mindfulness Meditations - to help you Relax and Refocus when it's needed most.
  • Mindful Parenting and Teaching Tips - to help you get through new daily routines and struggles
  • Stress Management Strategies - helping you and your kids overcome feelings of overwhelm
  • Q&A Discussions - sharing inspirational stories and practical advice for our times

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Dr. Peter Montminy is a licensed clinical psychologist and certified mindfulness instructor.  He has 30 years of clinical experience treating children and adolescents, 20 years of personal meditation and yoga practice, and 10 years of teaching Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction skills to kids, parents, and educators.


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You can drop-in any weekday at 12:30 during the month of April for our LIVE "Self-Care for the Care-Givers" classes.  

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Meeting ID: 427 858 890
Password: 049224

And if you miss the live class, no worries, you can listen to the audio recordings and review the class notes (below).

If you haven't registered already, SUBSCRIBE HERE NOW to get weekly updates, as well as full class access and reminders.




Week 1

MONDAY (4/6) - Class 1: Mindful Solutions for Pandemic Stress
TUESDAY (4/7) - Class 2: What You Focus on Grows
WEDNESDAY (4/8) - Class 3: Relax the Body
THURSDAY (4/9) - Class 4:  Refocus the Mind
FRIDAY (4/10) - Class 5:  Just Breathe

Week 2

MONDAY (4/13) - Class 6: Balancing Work and Family at Home
TUESDAY (4/14) - Class 7: Awareness of Emotions
WEDNESDAY (4/15) - Class 8: Feeling Temperatures
THURSDAY (4/16) - Class 9: Lost in Thought
FRIDAY (4/17) - Class 10: Anchor Breaths

Week 3

MONDAY (4/20) - Class 11: Stress Mindsets
TUESDAY (4/21) - Class 12: Loving-Kindness 
WEDNESDAY (4/22) - Class 13: Coming to Our Senses
THURSDAY (4/23) - Class 14: A Prayer for Our Uncertain Times
FRIDAY (4/24) - Class 15: Mindful Breathing for Kids (Part 1)

Week 4

MONDAY (4/27) - Class 16: Self-Compassion
TUESDAY (4/28) - Class 17: Mindful Breathing for Kids (Part 2)
WEDNESDAY (4/29) - Class 18: Daily OTP's: S.T.O.P.
THURSDAY (4/30) - Class 19: Gratitude and Generosity
FRIDAY (5/1) - Class 20: Your Mindful Solutions Toolkit




WEEK 2 - Recordings and Notes

Class 6 AUDIO: Balancing Work, School, and Kids at Home
Class 6 NOTES
Class 7 AUDIO: Awareness of Emotions
Class 7 NOTES
Class 8 AUDIO: Feeling Temperatures
Class 8 NOTES
Class 9 AUDIO: Lost in (Worry) Thoughts
Class 9 NOTES
Class 10 AUDIO: Anchor Breaths
Class 10 NOTES


WEEK 3 - Recordings and Notes

Class 11 AUDIO: Stress Mindsets
Class 11 NOTES
Class 12 AUDIO: Loving-Kindness
Class 12 NOTES
Class 13 AUDIO: Coming to Our Senses
Class 13 NOTES
Class 14 AUDIO: A Prayer for Our Uncertain Times
Class 14 NOTES
Class 15 AUDIO: Mindful Breathing for Kids (Part 1)
Class 15 NOTES


WEEK 4 - Recordings and Notes

Class 16 AUDIO: Self-Compassion Break
Class 16 NOTES
Class 17 AUDIO: Mindful Breathing for Kids (Part 2)
Class 17 NOTES
Class 18 AUDIO: Daily OTP's:  S.T.O.P.
Class 18 NOTES
Class 19 AUDIO: Gratitude Practices
Class 19 NOTES
Class 20 AUDIO: Your Mindful Solutions Toolkit
SCC Class 20 Notes