Strengthening Your Child’s Mental Health

A Mindful Solutions Primer for Parents and Professionals

Mindful Parenting Classes (Online)
Daylong Mindfulness Retreat (In-Person)


Is your child or teen struggling with:

  • DISTRACTED MINDS - Do they have trouble focusing their attention or responding thoughtfully because too many different things are swirling around them, and perhaps inside them?
  • DISTRESSED EMOTIONS - Are they experiencing chronic feelings of anxiety, worry, anger, irritability, or shame that are made worse by intrusive thoughts and negative self-talk?
  • DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIORS - Do they tend to argue or avoid, such that daily routines are fraught with trigger points, outbursts, and meltdowns?  Are they more reactive than reflective?

Do you, as a Parent or Teacher, struggle with:

  • Your own distracting thoughts and anxious feelings?
  • Daily interactions with your kids that are more frustrating than fun?
  • Self-doubt about what's wrong and what do do about it?
  • Chronic overwhelm and exhaustion ("too much to do, too little time")?

If you're feeling like your children's stress levels are increasing and their mental health is at risk, you're not alone.  Studies show significant post-pandemic increases in childhood anxiety, depression, suicide risk, and behavior problems.  And yet...

There is hope.

There are simple, effective ways to support kids and strengthen their mental health.

One of the most important factors contributing to a child's mental health is the core life skill known as self-regulation.  That is, the ability to focus one's mind, to calm one's emotions, and to inhibit one's impulses enough that you can respond thoughtfully, rather than react emotionally, to the demands of life.

How do children develop self-regulation?

Children develop self regulation through attuned relationships with self-regulating adults.

This core process is known as co-regulation.

Simply put, kids calibrate their nervous system on ours.  The more calm, cool, and collected we are, the more we can be present to see, soothe, and strengthen our children's developing nervous systems.  And boy do they need that more than ever.

While it may be simple, it isn't always easy.

That's where the Mindful Solutions Approach [TM] to raising and teaching kids comes in.

The Mindful Solutions Approach [TM] is founded on three core practices that contribute to emotional resilience and well-being:

  • AWARENESS - Seeing clearly what is.
  • ACCEPTANCE - Making peace with what is.
  • ALIGNED ACTION - Responding wisely to what is.

By practicing these three foundational principles in this introductory program, you can begin to teach self-regulation to your children while providing self-care for yourself.

You can establish healthy, co-regulating relationships with your children and students.  And you can transform the vicious cycle of toxic stress into the virtuous cycle of mindful caregiving.


A Mindfulness Solutions Primer for Parents & Professionals -
to Improve Your Child's Mental Health - and Your Own!

In these LIVE programs, you'll learn how to:

  • Detect and decrease the toxic stress reactions in yourself and your kids
  • Develop healthy co-regulation habits in your caregiving relationships
  • Begin to improve your child's self-awareness, self-acceptance, & self-regulation
  • Transform "distracted, distressed, and disruptive" into "clear, calm, and kind"

Parents and professionals of all kinds are welcome - teachers, counselors, special educators, paraprofessionals, childcare providers, healthcare providers, mental health providers, and more.

Remember, it takes a whole village - a Mindful Village - to raise our children!

So please join us for these lively, interactive programs that are always filled with love, laughter, and learning.

BONUS: You can now enroll for one of two different formats, suited to your learning style and schedule.  See below.


Registration Information
for the Online Classes

WHAT: Strengthening Your Child's
Mental Health

DATES: Wednesdays, Begin Oct. 5th
10/5, 10/12, 10/19, 11/02, 11/09, 11/16

TIME: 7:30 - 8:30 pm

WHERE: Zoom Webinars

FEE: $180 - For 6-wk. Training, Personal Playbook, & Recordings

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Registration Information
for the Daylong Retreat

WHAT: Strengthening Your Child's
Mental Health & Fitness

DATE: Saturday, Nov. 5th

TIME: 8:30 am to 3:30 pm

WHERE: A Mindful Village Office
in State College, PA

FEE: $180 - For 6-hr. Training, Personal Playbook, & Recordings

REGISTER: Registration for this Fall Session is now CLOSED.

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