What We Do

What is A Mindful Village?

A Mindful Village is an educational and consulting practice dedicated to restoring sanity to humanity, one child at a time.

A lofty mission.  How do we do that?

It’s all about making conscious choices for how we live our lives, and especially how we teach our children to live.

It’s about breaking the vicious cycle of emotionally reacting to the toxic stress of modern life.  It’s about creating a virtuous cycle of thoughtfully responding to life’s challenges, instead.

At A Mindful Village, we believe that the best care for kids is provided with a balanced approach that combines both head and heart.  When we bring both clear-minded and warm-hearted attention to our children’s struggles, we can transform their stress-filled lives into one of strength, resilience, and well-being.

This “Flowing Heart” Approach is at the core of all of our programs:

What We Do

At A Mindful Village, we provide a continuum of care for kids, families, and schools that includes:

  1. Free Informational Resources – about the stress-related problems that kids have, plus tips and recommendations that can help.
  2. Live Events – inspirational programs for parents, teachers, and other child-serving professionals.
  3. Online Courses – Mindfulness-based solutions for common childhood problems, with virtual training sessions and toolkits you can use anytime, anywhere.
  4. Private Consulting and Coaching – psychological services for school-age youth (grades K-12) and their families.

As you know...

It takes a village to raise a child.

Yet, it takes a mindful village of parents and professionals coming together to raise our children with clear minds, calm emotions, and compassionate actions.

The sanity we’re seeking to restore is simply that: being more clear, calm, and kind with one another.

I hope you’ll join us in this journey – for the sake of our children’s sanity, as well as our own!

Warmest Wishes,

- Dr. Peter Montminy