What is A Mindful Village?

An online education center that is, ultimately, about restoring sanity to humanity

– one child at a time.

It’s about


for how we choose to live, and especially,
how we teach our children to live.
of emotionally reacting to the
insane demands of modern life.
instead, of thoughtfully responding
to life’s challenges.


Our commitment to replacing the vicious cycle of stress with a more positive, virtuous cycle is embedded in our logo – with its “Flowing Heart” of loving attention surrounding and nurturing a growing child.

This Flowing Heart represents a pathway of transformation for our youth. And this transformative pathway lies at the heart of all of our work here at A Mindful Village.

When we bring both clear-minded and warm-hearted attention to our children’s struggles, we can transform their stress-filled lives into one of strength, resilience, and well-being.

And it takes A Mindful Village of parents and professionals coming together to raise our children with clear mindscalm emotionsand compassionate actions.

The sanity I’m seeking to restore is simply that: being more clear, calm, and kind with one another.

That’s why I’d like to invite you to become a part of this growing village – for the sake of your child’s sanity, as well as your own!

Warmest Wishes,

Dr. Peter Montminy

P.S. You can begin with a free membership to our Resource Library right now.