Welcome to A Mindful Village!

A Mindful Village is my private consulting practice dedicated to improving the mental health of kids and their
caregivers. Please take a minute or two to get to know me and the services I provide.
And let me say, I’m glad you’re here to help with our vital mission - to restore some sanity to humanity - one child
at a time!

Warmest Wishes,
Dr. Peter

What’s this Mindful Village Thing About?

It’s all about making conscious choices for how we live our lives, and especially how we teach our children to live.

It’s about breaking the vicious cycle of emotionally reacting to the toxic stress of modern life.

It’s about creating a virtuous cycle of thoughtfully responding to life’s challenges, instead.

We do that by practicing mindful and compassionate caregiving, as depicted in our “Flowing Heart” logo:




I believe that the best care for kids combines head and heart.
When we bring both clear-minded attention and warm-hearted caring to our children’s struggles, we can transform their stress-filled lives into one of strength, resilience, and well-being.

Who is Peter Montminy?

I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and certified mindfulness instructor who’s spent my entire 35-year career committed to the emotional well-being of children and adolescents.

For many years, I served as a clinical professor at Penn State University, as the founding director of Midstep Centers for Child Development, and as an international guiding teacher with Mindful Schools.

Now I provide mental health consultations to families and schools throughout Pennsylvania – and beyond. In my private practice, I’ve treated thousands of kids and teens dealing with a variety of mental health difficulties (including ADHD, Autism, Anxiety & Depression, Anger & Aggression, ODD, OCD, and PTSD).

As a professional speaker, I’ve trained thousands of parents and teachers in mindfulness-based solutions for students’ mental health problems.

More personally, I’ve enjoyed nearly 40 years of being married to my wife Mary, raising our four children, and now spoiling our grandchildren, in the woods of central Pennsylvania.

Who Do You Serve?

I work with FAMILIES… with school-age youth who are experiencing mental or behavioral difficulties,
and who are seeking to improve their child's emotional well-being.

If you are a parent interested in services for your child and family, learn more here.


I also work with SCHOOLS… that are seeking to transform toxic stress in schools and
improve the mental health of both students and staff.

If you are a school teacher, counselor, or administrator interested in how I could help your students or staff,
contact me here to learn more.


What Services Do You Provide?

I provide 3 Tiers of Service:

Tier I = Self-paced Online Courses that help you…

LEARN how to deal with specific child mental health issues.

Tier 2 = Live Coaching Classes, for kids and their caregivers, that help you…

GROW your mindful coping, parenting, or teaching skills.

Tier 3 = Psychological Assessment and Treatment that helps your child or teen…

HEAL from personal adversity and mental health challenges.